Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First KG, Now Amare?

We're certainly not against hype--have you seen our basketball league?--but first they compare Chinese-born NBA prospect Yi Jianlian to Kevin Garnett and now Yao says Yi is the next Amare? There is such a thing as too high an expectation. I mean, he plays in the Chinese Basketball Association. Almost any athletic 7-footer in the NBA would look like the aforementioned. Then again, KG/Amare were playing high school ball before they jumped.

But NBA TV is playing the CBA Finals right now, so see for yourself. Just mentally plug in Mark Blount or Jonathan Bender and see if you wouldn't get the same results. Not that we don't like Yi, but what's wrong with just being a sleeper pick from time to time?

Golden State of Mind trudges on in their campaign for Yi undaunted. Even by the fact they'll probably make the playoffs (and might win?).


john marzan said...

no, i think yi's more like Rashard Lewis.

aloneconformist said...

yi doesn't really have rashard's range from the perimeter. unless you mean the way he moves on the court looks like rashard... andrea bargnani of the raptors has more of rashard's game... limited post appeal, below-average rebounder... i'd still rather have him than mirsad turkcan.

aloneconformist said...

wow, actually after reading all the posts together, it looks like we're coming down a little hard on yi... but we really do like him. he's got good potential and watching him play the past year, he looks like he's actually gotten more athletic. but watch the cba finals and consider it something like the NIT... would you draft him based on that performance?