Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rockets in the Head: Countdown to 35 (cont'd)

Eat it, Shaq. One. More. Game. Until. Rockets. Top. Last. Season's. Win. Total.'s J. Feigen observes some great in-game tidbits that only a courtside reporter, or bastard with courtisde seats--could see... and he's got a little trade talk, too. No self-respecting paper could get on without some.

As for Wade, I feel you, man... I had that same injury in '03 and it effectively retired me from competitive basketball. I didn't get a wheelchair, but then, my arm's never fully recovered either. But hey, take comfort in knowing that I am not you.


Paul said...

Ren you played competitive basketball? College?

aloneconformist said...

Rode the bench at NYU (DIII)... not terribly impressive. Late bloomer. Went overseas a little bit... Turkey, Bulgaria, toiling in second division... was set to go to Taiwan when I dislocated the shoulder.