Friday, July 07, 2006

Jay Chou is a Dennis Rodman-Based Character

Keeping his crossover to films based on Japanese manga, Taiwanese pop star, Jay Chou is set to star in the live-action version of the popular basketball manga and anime, Slam Dunk.

Gotta admit we've never been fans of this series... too far fetched. Bionic police detectives facing existential crises we can take, but tall, hulking Japanese school boys playing basketball... that's just too far.


theHype said...

Man, I loved SLAM DUNK growing up as a kid. But the whole Shohoku team is more or less based on the Bulls (red unis you say?). Anyways, I don't know if you're serious about not reading it before, but it's pretty awesome.

It captures a lot of the 'intensity' that you'd feel if you ever played any real organized ball (the fight for #1, arguments, fights, and oh ya..winning) and there's a lot of goof ball humor too. The art is, well, that's manga for you, but the artist keeps the physics real at least during all the games.

Anyways, just my ramble on a comic that that is fighting with MJ for the position of why I got into bball.

Oh yea, I think Jay Chou sucks for the role. I shudder to think how the "balling" sequences are going to look..


Anonymous said...

I honestly dont think Jay will fit as a Slam Dunk character. Somehow it depends on how much the director bring Slam Dunk to life cause if it doesnt really base on the Manga, then Jay might fit the character but if its really base on the Manga, Jay totally doesnt fit in either Lukawa or the red hair dude (forget his name).

On the other hand, a non manga based Slam Dunk will most likely please non Slam Dunk fan where as a manga based fan has a possibility of not makin normal audience understand. It all depends on the story line.

Although Im a guy, Lukawa must be a very handsome guy and the girl must be very pretty. Lee Hom will fit Lukawa but I dont know bout his acting.