Monday, September 12, 2005

NBA Hurricane Relief Game in Houston

Kenny made the call... and the All-Stars responded. One Hurricane Relief Game in my hometown, Houston, Texas. Garnett, Kobe, Amare, J O'Neal, Melo, Lebron, his new teammate and Houston-native Damon Jones, and even (still missed) ex-Rockets Stevie Franchise and Cat Mobley, among others, all made it down to the Toyota Center for one benefit game for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It was an All-Star Game in September.

And Stephon made it, too. How could you not invite him?

I couldn't make it. But word from the fam in Houston was that it was damn near inspiring. And I'll admit that took me by surprise. As someone who is always struggling to keep the game in perspective--basketball being just a game after all and somewhat trivial in the bigger picture--I sometimes forget just how uplifting it can be for some, especially for the many displaced residents of the Gulf Coast who found refuge in Houston, and until last night, had little to look forward to. Despite my initial skepticism, this NBA Players Hurricane Relief Game delivered.

Garnett finds a way to extend his reach.

Click on this pic for the zoom. This kid ain't even scared... acts like he's been up there before... with plans to be back.

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