Monday, August 08, 2005

Chinatown's Summer 3 on 3

The annual Chinatown 3 on 3 summer basketball tournament played out in Columbus Park this past Saturday. Hosted by Chinatown Rockits AIA founder, the inimitable Denny Lee, this year's tournament was the biggest yet and best organized thanks to some corporate branding by HSBC, Sing Tao, and a new Energy Drink called Liquid Ice (among others) and taking full advantage of the newly renovated--and still being renovated--Columbus Park.

What's really impressive though is the growing talent in Chinatown. In the All-Star division in which I participated (briefly, still nursing the dislocated arm), almost every team had at least one Asian American that was currently or had played in college or overseas. Asian-American community-based squads from all over the boroughs, from the Asian Knights to the Cruisers to the Rockits to the As-Am all-star squad, Maximum Output, sported teams. It was... a competitive tournament.

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kagura said...

nice panoramic pic - did you take that? yes, huuge improvement to columbus park ... i even think the mint-green astroturf adds character.

aloneconformist said...

yea, i did take it... thanks. why do i feel like you were there?