Thursday, February 24, 2005

If Not Taiwan Then a NY Corporate League

While I wait for my shoulder to convalesce, I've been doing some ringing in Basketball City's corporate league. My boy and fellow NYU alum, Mike "R-Oh", hosts a team from AXA: with one of City Tech's finest, Roger Redhead, Pat "Spit" Spitler of the New York Spitlers, ESPN's Dave "D. Burns" Jacoby, Syracuse football's own Andrew Benson, and 20-year-old Bronx Gomper, Stedford "I should be playing at a JC in Texas but instead I'm sitting out the season for transferring to Bronx CC." McCloud.

We just wrapped up our winter league
regular season 11-0.

And holla at your boy in the top ten in scoring (7th). Playoffs start in two weeks. Hopefully we can break our trend of first-round exits.

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